Thursday, December 21, 2006

That was the day that was

Spent the morning doing the laundry because Mum was coming down from the country to stay the night (and then the next two nights my friends Bec and Bob from Glasgow will be staying over) and I wanted to make sure I had clean sheets for the sofa-bed, and clean towels for the morning, for all.

Then this afternoon I had a long overdue lunch with the one-of-a-kind Ms Fits, worked on next week's 'Art of the City' column for Beat magazine, and did more housework.

Tonight I took Mum out to an opening at ACCA - British artist Mike Nelson's Lonely Planet, which is an evocative, melancholy and superb installation - then to see the new Barry Humphries show, Back with a Vengeance at the Art Centre.

Not until we arrived at the theatre did I casually mention to Mum that we were having drinks with Barry after the show. You should have seen her face when I told her - this is, after all, the woman who introduced me to Barry Humphries (as well as The Goon Show, Monty Python and The Hobbit).

Her expression when we actually met Barry after the show, and he thanked her for introducing me to his material all those years ago, was utterly priceless.

Best Christmas present I've ever given her, I reckon!


Anonymous said...

That's an awesome xmas present! although i'm not a big fan of Humphries after I read an article a year or so back that listed a bunch of quotes of him slagging off Melbourne. Although I can't remember any of them now. Do you remember that article?
Didn't know Bec and Bob were coming to town Rich. Would love to catch up with them, what are your movements over the next couple of days.

Anonymous said...

That is fantastic, nothing like spoiling your mum. Sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hey Richard,

Just letting you know that Vitriolics Anonymous has moved to

so your old link to it now sucks.

Merry Christmas